How To Boost Your Profits With The New SFI Compensation Plan

On 1st September 2021 the new SFI Compensation Plan was unveiled in an forum announcement by SFI CEO Gery Carson. The SFI comp plan is much easier to understand than previous versions. I believe it will also prove to be more lucrative.

So in this blog post I will take you through the key points and show you how you can use them to boost your profits with the new SFI Compensation Plan.

Ranks are based on a personal sales quota

All ranks are based simply on a personal sales quota. It can be made up of any combination of retail sales and personal purchases. There are 20 ranks – or “levels” – in SFI.

Just $5 in sales qualifies an affiliate for the rank of Level 5 Builder.

  • Level 6 Builder requires $10.
  • Level 7 Builder requires $15.
  • Level 8 Builder requires $20.
  • Level 9 Builder requires $25.
  • Level 10 Builder requires $35 in sales.
  • And so on.

Earn Up To 50% In Direct Commissions

One big benefit of the SFI Compensation Plan is the 50% Commissions that you earn on purchases made by all your Personally Referred Affiliates (PSAs) and Personally Referred Members (PRMs). (PRMs are referrals who join one of the Zing Network sites to play Eager Zebra games, bid on auctions, or shop on Tripleclicks, without joining the affiliate program.)

You can also earn up to 10% commission on the sales activity of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates.

(NOTE: In SFI every affiliate has a main sponsor (who earns up to 50% commissions on sales activity) and a co-sponor (who earns up to 10% of sales activity).

SFI Commissions have never been so high and this positive move shows that SFI is serious about helping to improve profitability for their active affiliates.

Get More Bonuses And Perks As You Level Up

As you advance through the levels you will unlock many additional perks and benefits such as:

  • Higher direct commissions from Personally Sponsored Affiliates – up to 50%
  • Override commissions from more generations in your organization
  • Higher Co-Sponsored Affiliate commissions
  • More Daily prize draw entries
  • Extra bonus Rewardical tokens (which can be exchanged for cash, bitcoin, silver, and much more)
  • More Co-Sponsored Affiliates added to your team
  • Extra Bonus T-Credits (the internal currency of the Zing Network of SFI-related sites)
  • And yet more…

So What Is The Best Way To Boost Your Profits In SFI?

Understand The Benefits Of Higher Ranks

Study the compensation plan and aim to increase your rank to qualify for the higher commission rates.

Your first aim should be to get to Level 5, which qualifies you for 41% Direct Commission, plus 3% Override Commission on two levels of your downline. Level 5 is also the first level where you receive Rewardical tokens as monthly bonuses.

Next, aim to hit Level 10 as quickly as possible. At Level 10 you begin to earn free T-Credits, the internal currency of the SFI network of sites, and also qualify to earn 5% commissions on your Co-Sponsored Affiliates’ sales activities.

Once you get to Level 12 you will also receive bonus Co-Sponsored Affiliates from SFI every month.

Those are just some examples of the increasing benefits you can get as you rise through the ranks of SFI. Be sure to study the Benefits Chart when you log in to your back office to see the full range of benefits that will come you way.

Make Full Use Of SFI’s Resources To Build Your Team

SFI provides a lot of high quality resources, such as their “Gateway” pages to help you promote your business.

However, you can build your team without actively promoting SFI, simply by purchasing packages such as SFI’s “Builder Bundle”, “S-Builder Co-op” or “PSAs To Go”. That will automatically level up your rank and keep your team growing.

I use a combination of the “S-Builder Co-op” and “PSAs To Go” (as well as this blog and other online promotion campaigns) to generate a constant flow of new referrals into my SFI team. Many of those referrals go directly into the downlines my active team members. 🙂

Join my SFI team (for free) and upgrade to Level 5, and I will help you build your team too – find out how in the next section…

Encourage Your Referrals To Upgrade By Offering Incentives

SFI provides some excellent resources for you to communicate with your team and for offering incentives.

In my case, I offer new affiliates a big incentive to upgrade to Level 5. When a new affiliate anywhere in my downline upgrades to Level 5, I add them to my “Opti-Build” program, which is powered by SFI.

They will receive a share of my referrals directly into their downline – and the referrals I send them become 100% THEIR referrals so they can earn 50% direct commissions on their sales activity.

Read this blog post (or watch the video) to find out more about my Opti-Build incentive program:

How I Use Opti-Build To Help My SFI PSAs Build Their Teams


The new SFI compensation plan offers affiliates a rich array of payouts and bonuses to increase their profits and grow their team. It has become much easier to generate significant profits and to incentivize affiliates to take action. If you are not yet a member of SFI, or tried it in the past but dropped out, why not join my SFI team and work with me to start building a real online income?

If you have any questions about the new SFI Compensation Plan, drop me a line or post them in the comments below and I will get back to you.

David Hurley


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