SFI Is Giving Away Bitcoin Satoshi – Again!

SFI kicked off 2022 by giving away Bitcoin satoshi as prizes and awards to affiliates who logged in and completed daily tasks.

That initiative was only for January, but then at the beginning of February Gery Carson announced that SFI will continue to give away satoshi. There was a pause in March, but the satoshi giveaway has come back with a BANG in April 2022.

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Here are FIVE ways you can win FREE satoshi with SFI every day in April 2022

1. Unlock all of your available Building Blocks to earn 5 satoshis per day.

2. Spend a TCredit on any Eager Zebra game to earn 10 satoshis per day.

3. Earn 20 satoshis each day that you refer somebody new into SFI.

4. Earn 20 satoshis each day you participate in an Astro Auction.

5. Earn 20 satoshis each day you participate in a Pricebenders Auction.

If you do all five in a day you’ll earn 75 satoshis. Get them all done every day for a month and earn up to 2,200 satoshis!

Plus, Win Satoshis in the Daily Drawing

SFI are also running a DAILY DRAWING where they are giving 54,750 satoshis per day.

For each of the five daily satoshi-earning actions (listed above) that you complete, you will earn one entry into the daily drawing. So you can win up to FIVE entries per day.

Each day 500 winners will be drawn and will win these satoshi prizes:

  • 5 affiliates will win 5000 satoshis
  • 10 affiliates will win 1000 satoshis
  • 20 affiliates will win 500 satoshis
  • 40 affiliates will win 100 satoshis
  • 100 affiliates will win 25 satoshis
  • 325 affiliates will win 10 satoshis

How To Get Your Satoshi

You will need to set up a “Bit Bank ledger” in your SFI back office. It is pretty easy to do. For more info about that log in and go to:


That will take you to your BitBank ledger. If you have not yet integrated BitPay with your SFI account click the link on that page (circled in the screenshot below) to start the process.

First Things First: Get Yourself A Bitcoin Wallet

However, before you do that it is a good idea to get yourself a Bitcoin wallet.

If you have no clue how to do that, don’t worry. Here is a quick fix that I use.

For a few years now I have had an account with Freebitco.in and I use that as a convenient “wallet”.

Freebitco.in is a Bitcoin faucet (actually, it is much more than that) – a free site where people can collect satoshi every hour. When you sign up you automatically get an on-site wallet and your satoshi rewards are sent to your on-site wallet.

Well, you can also use your Freebitco.in wallet like any other wallet, to deposit as well as to pay out Bitcoin satoshi. You can enter your Freebitcoin wallet address into your SFI Bitpay account and have SFI send your satoshi to your Freebitcoin account.

You need to have accumulated a minimum of $5 equivalent value in satoshi for a transfer to take place.

Actually, I have SFI convert my commission payment into Bitocin satoshi and send the total (plus any other satoshi that I have won, or converted Rewardical tokens) to my Freebitcoin wallet. And once there, it immediately begins to earn interest.

Very nice! And very easy to do.

Give it a try!

David Hurley


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