What Is SFI’s New Share-Tech System Like?

On 1st June 2023 SFI announced the launch of their exciting new “Share-Tech” business system. Share-Tech replaces the old 20-level business model and aims to be a much simpler, streamlined, and more lucrative business system for active SFI affiliates.

  • If you are an SFI affiliate and have not yet checked out the changes, log in to your SFI account and go to this forum page for full details about the changes: https://www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=240777

Watch My Share-Tech Review Video

In this video I take you through the most important changes and how you can earn from them.

Video Transcript

Okay folks, here we are at the beginning of June 2023 and I’m making a video about a program that I don’t often make videos about these days, though I used to do so much more a few years ago. It’s a program that I simply run in the background and make money with every single month. That may be about to change. I’m talking about SFI.

I have been an active affiliate of SFI since April 2007, and I’ve seen many changes with this program. They just brought in a big new change, and it’s called Share-Tech. So I thought what I’d do with you today is share what Share-Tech is all about and give you my thoughts.

Message From SFI Founder and President, Gery Carson

So we have a special message to all SFI Affiliates from Gery Carson, the founder and president of SFI. He tells us that SFI has been greatly simplified, which I think is a very positive thing, and some of the older programs have been removed, which I also think is a good thing.

The ones that have been removed are things like Flexxity, which is a kind of service thing that I never really used, and Localvantier, where the idea was to go around to restaurants and shops in your area and get them all to sign up so that they could give away reward equal tokens and all that sort of thing. It was all too complicated. I didn’t get involved in any of that at all. Those kind of programs have now been dropped. Pricebender and Astro-Auctions have disappeared for a while. Also, the 20 Level complicated affiliate setup has been replaced with Share-Tech.

2 Primary Ranks (Not 20!)

With this Share-Tech profit sharing system, we have dramatically simplified almost everything about SFI. There are now just two primary ranks: affiliate and executive affiliate. There are some higher ranks, but they’re not emphasized because it all gets too complicated. The more layers you add on, the more complicated it gets, the more confused people get, and the less they do in the beginning stages.

So, affiliate and executive affiliate. Now upgrading to Executive-Affiliate is very easy. It requires just one thing: to get an E-Pack, and the e-pack is $19.95, which is a really fair price because to hit a similar level, I was paying something like $22 a month (under the old system). Now I’m paying a little bit less, and I think I’m getting a better deal.

Going EA means you’ve staked out a position in SFI’s major new profit-sharing program. You get guaranteed monthly income. It’s built around a network structure that limits every person’s first-level to 5 affiliates. It’s basically a 5×5 structure. So if anyone in your upline recruits more than five PSAs, they’ll get pushed down. This is what we call spillover. As we refer PSAs, they will also be passed down to our downline.

So that’s how I’m aiming to help my downline, by referring and also by getting extra packs so that we can build up a nice solid structure.

So here are four more great features that you’ll immediately get as an executive affiliate:

  1. Earn up to $15 on every Executive Affiliate (EA) on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th levels… even if you didn’t directly refer them to SFI (i.e. “spillover”).
  2. Earn up to $30 each month on every Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA).
  3. Earn up to $18.75 each month on every Co-Sponsored Affiliate (CSA).
  4. Full access to our pro business optimization tools like Hit Tracking, Key Codes, and more.

Co-Sponsored Affiliates remain a very important part of this program. It’s one of the unique features that SFI brought in a few years ago, the CSA program, and it is a great success.

T-Credits, Rewardicals, and BTC Satoshi

E-Packs come with 50 T-Credits, and you can use T credits to bid on jolt options and to play games among other things.

But you also get three PSAs, that’s three Personally Sponsored Affiliates, four Co-Sponsored Affiliates. You get 250 Rewardicals. Rewardicals are still an important part of SFI; Rewardicals themselves have been very successful.

By the way, every month, I convert thousands of Rewardicals into Bitcoin Satoshi. You get 250 Rewardicals for every EA pack, and you get 250 Bitcoin Satoshi. Very nice.

Earn Prizes, When You Bid Or Play

Each time you use a T-credit on a Jolt Auction or in an Eager Zebra game, you will automatically earn a partial PSA or a partial CSA. Plus, you earn five rewardicals and five Satoshi.

Win E-Packs (and More) On Jolt Auctions

So if you go to a Jolt Auction, there is an E-Pack here, so you can earn these e-packs on the auction. … Each time you bid on the auction, it costs you one T-credit, but you also start to build up towards earning an extra PSA. So you can see on your home page, you’ve got a little PSA and CSA figures. And as the body fills up with “water,” it shows you how far you are towards getting an extra PSA or an extra CSA from your activities on Jolt Auctions or playing Eager Zebra games. It’s a nice little extra incentive, which I think is pretty cool.

We expect that thousands of SFI affiliates every day will be transforming their T-credits into PSAs and CSAs, earning Rewardicals and earning bonus Satoshi as well. And if the persons doing it are your PSAs or your CSAs, then you earn two very special secondary bonuses. And this is why it’s a very good idea to accumulate and keep CSAs. Each time one of your PSAs, one of your personally sponsored affiliates spends a T-credit at jolt or at eager zebra, you earn a tenth of a Rewardical, and you earn one cent’s worth of Bitcoin. And that can really add up.

What I have noticed since the launch of Jolt Auctions is that the number of Satoshi I’m earning per month has grown by tens of thousands. That’s because people love bidding on Jolt auctions. Once they start bidding they tend to bid quite a lot, and so you can very quickly be earning completely passively a lot of Rewardicals and a lot of Satoshi.

I convert my Rewardicals into Satoshi, so I get even more Satoshi every single month. I send all my Satoshi over to my FreeBitcoin site and there I earn 4% interest on that Satoshi before sending it on to the Hive blockchain.

Each time one of your CSAs spends a T-Credit on a Jolt auction or on an Eager Zebra game, you’re going to automatically earn 0.04 of a Rewardical and $.002 in Bitcoin. It may not sound a lot but it certainly does add up, I can tell you.

Unlimited T-Credit Transfers Now Possible

Another big Improvement to the system is that we can now transfer T-Credits to our PSAs which is a great incentive before we could but we were limited to only 15 T-Credits per PSA and once you’ve sent 15 you could no longer send any more T-Credits to your PSAs, but now there is no limit.

So we can reward and regularly reward our affiliates with T-Credits which will enable them to actively participate in Jolt Auctions and in the Eager Zebra games and that is what I intend to do.

I haven’t yet worked out the structure of that rewards process but I will be rewarding active PSAs with T-Credits and so, in short, there’s a lot of reasons why you should join SFI if you’re not not already a member through my link.

If you are a dormant member then I do recommend that you wake up log in and check out the new SFI because I think it’s a pretty exciting new development that SFI have brought out.

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