What Is The Best Identity Theft Protection Plan For Families In The USA?

In this review I will offer what I believe is the best identity theft protection plan for families in the USA. The best identity theft protection plan will offer full protection and peace of mind for a low price.

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Disclaimer: I believe the plan I will describe in this review does that for you. But please keep in mind that I am an affiliate of Tripleclicks.com where the plan can be purchased for a $9 discount.

I will include a comparison chart to show the price range of other plans. That way, you can easily choose the best identity theft protection plan for you and your family.

Perhaps you are wondering whether you really need to protect yourself against identity-theft. A lot of people feel that way – until it happens to them. Think about these numbers for a moment:

The Growing Problem Of Identity Theft In The USA

According to a recent survey by Javelin Strategy & Research, identity thieves stole $1.6 billion dollars from their victims in 2016. The number of identity thefts had increased by 16% since 2003. Here’s a graph of identify theft victims in the USA from 2011 to 2016, based on the survey:

identity theft victims in the USA, 2011-2016.

Identity theft happened to about 7% of adults in the USA in 2012 alone, according to Wikipedia. The number of identity theft victims rose to 15,400,000 in 2016. In effect, thieves steal somebody’s ID details once every 2.05 seconds. That makes Identity theft the fastest growing crime in the USA.

According to this CNN report, hackers stole details of 110 million US adults from June 2015 to May 2013. In other words, 47% of US citizens data was no longer secure. So if you don’t feel that you’ve been affected by identity theft, think again! Most Americans whose data has been stolen do not know about it until losses amount to over $6,400.

The Dangers You Face When Identity Thieves Steal Your Data

ID thieves can empty your bank account and run up dept on your credit cards. They can take control of your investment accounts and borrow money that you can never pay back. That will wreck your credit rating. They can also use your ID as cover for their other crimes and gain access to medical services through your medical insurance.

Here’s a video about the top 5 ways someone can steal your identity:

It’s not just the theft of identity details and loss of money that’s the problem. Dealing with the issue involves a massive loss of time. If you do not have any ID theft protection insurance in place, it can take over two years to deal with the issue.

So it is in your vital interest to protect yourself from ID thieves. If you live in the USA, PrivacyMaxx is the best identity theft protection plan for you. I will explain why in the next section.

Why PrivacyMaxx Is The Best Identity Theft Protection Plan For You?

PrivacyMaxx is the best identity theft protection plan for families in the USA.

PrivacyMaxx uses a unique early warning system to monitor billions of databases so you will quickly know if any item of your ID has been tampered with.

Their Black Market Internet Monitoring Service scans black market sites and chat rooms to detect if your ID is being traded.

You can use the service to protect your

  • credit and debit cards,
  • bank account,
  • social security numbers,
  • driver’s license,
  • telephone numbers,
  • e-mail addresses,
  • and any other private data.

What Does PrivacyMaxx Do If Your ID Is Stolen?

First of all, you will be covered by PrivacyMaxx’s $25,000.00 Service Guarantee. That will cover the costs of recovering your identity and restoring it to its pre-theft status.

If any of your information is stolen, PrivacyMaxx will assign a personal advocate to your case. The advocate will go to work for you and recover everything for you and your family.

They will deal with the follow-up, paperwork, and phone calls to recover your name and credit history for you.

Your advocate will record, challenge and recover every fraudulent transaction on your behalf.

In addition, after everything is recovered and restored, PrivacyMaxx will monitor your accounts via the Internet for the next 12 months.

Who Is Protected By PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection?

The PrivacyMaxx family identity theft protection plan covers you and your spouse or domestic partner. It also covers all your children who are under 25 years of age and live with you.

The plan also covers any IRS dependents of any age who live with you or in an assisted living facility, nursing home or hospice. Any IRS dependents who died within 12 months are also covered.

How Does PrivacyMaxx Compare To Other Identity Theft Protection Plans?

Which is the best identity theft protection plan?

PrivacyMaxx offers the best identity theft protection plans for families in the USA in terms of cost/benefit.

The plan covers your whole family, but costs just $69 per year if you buy it through Tripleclicks.com. That’s $50 cheaper than its closest competitor, ID Shield.

NOTE: The family plan costs $39 every six months ($78 per year) if you buy it directly from the PrivacyMaxx website. BUT if you purchase the 1-year option through this Tripleclicks special offer link you get a $9 discount.

Comparative Price/Cover Chart

Here’s a comparative price chart to see how PrivacyMaxx stacks up against its leading competitors:

PrivacyMaxx is the best identity theft protection plan in terms of price.

The low cost of PrivacyMaxx is reflected in the lower amount you are insured for, $25,000 as compared to $1,000,000 in the more expensive plans, and $5,000,000 for ID Shield.

For most people, I do not think the lower coverage is a critical issue.

That’s because PrivacyMaxx offers extensive monitoring to quickly catch any attempt to steal your data.

In addition, the company will put in all the necessary work to recover and restore your ID.

In other words, it is very unlikely that you would need more than $25,000 in coverage with this or any other identity theft protection plan.

So, to conclude, I believe PrivacyMaxx offers the best identity theft protection plan for families in the USA based on price, level of service. $69 a year is a very small price to pay to protect yourself and your family from the rising tide of Identity theft.

David Hurley


P. S. If you scrolled down here without reading the article, it’s all about the best identity theft protection plan for families in the USA.

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